NOVU 360 – A Peek into The Revolutionary System

With over 40 clinics worldwide in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Korea, Novu Clinics have not just delivered millions of protocols worldwide, they have taken the business of facial aesthetics treatment to a whole new level with the NOVU 360 series of treatments.

Colour, Consistency and Contour

Incorporating technologically advanced treatments and new product lines, the NOVU 360 solution is a novel integrated approach to skincare solutions within a brand-new system.

Catering to the modern-day consumer, NOVU 360 is the application of science and technology in skin health by adopting a 3-Dimensional approach where skin is rescued, renewed, and restored.

Through a series of holistic treatments, products and services at NOVU clinics, skin is rescued from acute deterioration, renewed by eliminating the root problem, and finally restored to health through prevention of premature aging; this systematic approach is the solution to patients’ skin woes.

Skin Rejuvenation

For younger, clearer and radiant skin, this is the treatment for those who need a little ‘pick-me-up’ for tired skin.


For restoration of skin for healthier, fairer-looking skin, this treatment brings your skin back to life by breaking down pigmentation causing melanin.

Pimples and Scars

Through reduction of inflammation, recovery enhancement of active acne and the shrinking of oil glands that cause acne breakouts, this treatment helps the lightening of pigmented acne scars to achieve clear skin.


For that ‘baby-smooth’ look, this treatment reduces the appearance of pores through deep cleansing to restore and maintain clear skin.

Simulation of Collagen

To achieve that ‘age-defying’ effect, collagen-remodelling cascade is activated through this solution that fights wrinkle formation and sagging skin.

Through tested treatment protocols carried out by certified medical doctors, NOVU 360 is an effective solution that is safe and accessible through its clinics islandwide.

Identify your needs through consultations with the NOVU Clinic doctors who prioritise your safety whilst addressing your skin woes.

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